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Mountain Dew: Felicia The Goat*

*denotes an urgent, emergency posting in response to a extremely offensive portrayal of African-Americans in a contemporary commercial

Oh, Tyler the Creator. Who is your Puppetmaster? I see what you’re going for at times, but those marionette strings always seem to pull you right over the edge into severe SMH-ness.

Sorry, if you don’t know who Tyler the Creator is, well…I really don’t want to be the one to expose you.  Let’s just say, he’s one of the minds behind the Adult Swim program “Loiter Squad,” which is like  Jackass-meets-Punk’d-meets-a minstrel show.  He’s best known for toeing the line between comedian and musician and being an all-around rachet instigator for lyrics about things like raping pregnant women.  Bleh.

Anyway, fools must exist among us. It’s a fact of life. But when corporate businesses give said fools corporate cash to continue racial stereotypes as a way to appeal to consumers, well, that kind of validation hurts all of us in the long run.

Here is the latest commercial for Mountain Dew, starring Tyler’s “alter ego” Felicia the Goat (?!?):

And there’s no need for me to continue this post.  Firstly because, well, you saw that commercial, right? And secondly because scholar/activist Boyce Watkins can say everything you and I are thinking so much better:

"Throughout the video, the woman is trying to decide whether to identify the suspect, and is being threatened by the goat who is telling her that you “betta not snitch on a playa.”  He also starts out by saying, in a scruffy voice, “You shoulda gave me some more….I’m nasty.”  So, I guess that means that the woman was r@ped by the goat, maybe Rick Ross style.

As the woman is shaking, crying and trying to decide what to do, the goat says, “Snitches get stitches fool.”   After that, he says, “Keep ya mouth shut.  When I get outta here, I’m gonna do you up (translation:  Probably beat and s-xually assault you again).”

Mountain Dew has set a new low for corporate racism.  Their decision to lean on well-known racial stereotypes is beyond disgusting.  This doesn’t even include the fact that the company has put black men on par with animals.   The holocaust of mass incarceration and the glorification of violent prison culture has taken a tremendous toll on the black community.  Corporations are making it cool for black men to murder one another, while gun manufacturers ensure that the streets are flooded with the weapons necessary for us to complete our own genocide.”

You can read Dr. Watkins’ entire response to the commercial here.

It’s highly unlikely that this is the “most racist commercial in history,” but it stings because it appears a Black man was the one to give it the green light/thumbs up as if that makes it okay.  Self-hatred is real, people.  And until it isn’t, please Mountain Don’t.

As for you, young Tyler, a Facebook friend of a Facebook friend said it best: you “need [your] ass beat with a book of Malcolm X speeches.”

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